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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My January 24, 2016 haikus

To follow Shiloh's Wonkadillo in the Doodle Pan I am leaving some words in one of my morning meditation haikus blank. (You can fill in the blanks yourself or wait for spirit to move me and I'll come back and fill them in later after church.)

My January 24, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Calmness to
my volunteering

~Body, what do you
need to feel refreshed I will
act on what you want

~How much love can I
give to others today? My
Mother's love flows out

~I receive and give
endless bucketsful of love
Endless love is mine

~Earth's winter wisdom
nourishes my spiritual
center and flows out

~What can I give back
from my thankful heart to those
who do not feel loved?

~I am one with all
humanity What healing
balm am I giving?

~In quiet moments
I remember the Divine's
compassion for all

~I set aside time
to fully engage with God's
love ~~~~

~ I extend myself
to others Compassionate
thoughts and actions flow

~Throughout the day I
behold the Divine and I
connect heart~to~heart

~Connections enhance
our sense of oneness with the
world and each other
Some words came to fill in the blanks:

~I set aside time
to fully engage with God's

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