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Sunday, August 7, 2016

My March 19, 2015 haikus

My March 19, 2015 haikus

~Today I will bring
spirit of Stewardship for
our planet to Earth

~I cultivate a
spirit of thankfulness for
the gift of life itself

~I silently say
Thank You throughout the day for
the gift of life itself

~The Presence of the
Divine showers me with love
and amazing grace

~I am called to
grow by the path of the Spirit
I journey in joy

~I am new I am
ancient I am growing in
this renewal time

~Let me turn my face
toward the sun's light and live
in the flow of good

~I give over to
Spirit and trust my good will
come to me each day

~Cycles of giving
and receiving flow free when
I am not clinging

~I lay my burdens
at her feet and seek to be
transformed by her love

~Mother's love of Big
Mama and Father's love of
Lordy surround me

~The One Force Source flows
through me connecting me to
Heaven and this Earth

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