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Thursday, August 4, 2016

February 10, 2016 Another sanding


Another sanding
and layering of gesso
on my wooden oval egg
I am preparing
to paint my Cathedral on.
i must admit
I need preparing, too.
I found myself muttering
I'll show THEM
I'll create a church
that allows HER in
But then I would sand right over
that roughed up place
and say
But I don't wanna lock HIM
outside the church door
And then I wept
for all the ways
SHE had been forbidden
to show Her face
reveal Her
Spirit inside Cathedral walls.
I look longingly back over my shoulder
toward the beautiful colorful flowers
in the garden
and sighed
as I gazed even farther
at the trees in the wild woods
places I had been allowed to hang out
with Her before...
I turned back to the wooden portal
I was creating
for Her and Him to be
in union
and bent to the task
of sanding
and whitewashing with gesso
the wooden board
to prepare them
a place of honor
My heart glad
they would have a board
made from
a tree
to get married
to each other
and me

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