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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

January 27, 2016 SHE HAD HEART POCKETS



She had heart pockets, didn't she?
She was always and forever
poking something or someone in them
~a friend when she went to the beach
~a stranger who looked like they were having a bad day
when she lit prayer candles on her altar

She had heart pockets, didn't she?
Special places to hold prayers
for people who felt they had no one to pray for them
Trees for children to climb and squeal in
Song pockets in her heart that held the tunes of saints
and sinners in her innermost self

She had heart pockets, didn't she?
Cave walls with hieroglyphs
Concrete with graffiti pleas sprayed onto them
Words scribbled in the margins of all the books she ever read
Deep compassion for the curiosity~seekers
and all the poets hungry~ yearning for more

She had heart pockets sewed into her gypsy skirts of many colors
Paintbrushes stuffed in them to gift as magic wands
Paints in every color of sunrises and sunsets
Empowerment spells to enchant and enhance others as they danced on their paths with heart
Drums and flutes hidden that could be drawn out when needed
Different colored candles for each and every occasion

She had heart pockets, didn't she?
With canyons so deep they could hold another's sorrows
when she sat alongside of them
Jars to collect tears in and save for a rainy day
Jars that held extra stardust and fairy dust
and the pollen from flowers bees had danced in

She had heart pockets, didn't she?
With sweet perfumes and essential oils
Comfort foods and foods that feed the soul
and water for washing pilgrims' feet
Bubbles for baths and blowing
Lanterns for lighting pathways

She had heart pockets, didn't she?
With endless hideyholes for treasures and blessings
Space enough to hold whole mountains of gratitude
Blueprints for schemes and dreams
Formulas for happiness and joys
Music boxes for holding memories in
She had heart pockets, didn't she?
Waterfalls and fountains that flowed wonders and miracles
Dark places that held deep mysteries
Gemstones that glittered in the sunlight and glimmered in the moonlight
River rocks that could be held on bellies during meditation
Pens and pencils and different kinds of paper for writing NOTES TO SELF and others
She had heart pockets, didn't she?
Ones that held gifts that would lift people's spirits
when their tails were dragging
Ones that held hope for those who felt hopeless
Ones that held Pollyanna crystal rainbow makers
for those lost in grumpy grouchy land
She had heart pockets, didn't she?
Ones that held dancing shoes for any and every kind of music
Ones for little things and BIG things
Some that held nothing at all
Or simply the silence of understanding
Pockets for invisible things that are hard to believe in
She had heart pockets, didn't she?
Some that glowed in the dark
Some that held Divine Sparks
Some with tubes of Intentional Creativity
Some that only the crazy mad could see
Some that held guardian angel songs
She had heart pockets, didn't she?
Some for babies and really old people only
Some that held flamingos or otters or giraffes or beavers
Some that held wisdom or laughter
Some that held the grit you need to keep on keeping on
Some that held coyote tricksters or wolves that howl at full moons
She had heart pockets, didn't she?
Truth tales and sassy songs were in them
Saxophones and guitars and fiddles and mandolins had places in her pockets
Celestial star dances, barefoot stomp dances were in her pockets, too
Art made from leftovers or first time ever discoveries
Strings and spiderwebs for holding things in place in the matrix
~She had heart pockets, didn't she?
Pockets that held lightning and lizards and dragons even
Pockets that held insides and outsides
Pockets that wove tapestries together
Scissors that cut things apart that no longer needed to be connected
Magic Mojo that could even make you feel good on Mondays
She had heart pockets, didn't she?
With rockets to take you far, far away
or strings that could bind you in one place forevermore
She had heart pockets~ she did and does!
She is my Big Mama and she has heart pockets
for everything you'll ever need to live in Wild Delight!

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