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Sunday, August 7, 2016

March 30, 2016 About my Cathedral Painting

March 30, 2016 at 9:09am

Goddesses are something new to me. Reading AZTEC VIRGIN (the book Emily told us about) I realize all the stories we tell now are related to the way back stories they told in the long ago. I can't imagine trying to create a new way of being in the world without looking back to see how we came to be here now. Poetry, folktales and stories have always fascinated me. I like digging through them to find the kernels of truth/the jewels/ precious pearls of great value/wisdom.
Goddesses intrigue me because I think there is something amiss in our world. I feel called to help create Heaven on earth and to figure out a middle way that is neither feminine or masculine but allows both to walk side by side and use heartfelt discernment to create a better world for future generations yet to come to live in.
I couldn't find Shiloh's list of Jesus' grandmothers and I wondered who Buddha's grandmothers were? Or Albert Einstein's? Or Martin Luther King Jr's? Or Mother Teresa's? And then I got to thinking about terrorists~ who are their grandmothers? Thieves~ who are their grandmothers?
Grandmothers seem to be such an important key.
What is this KINdom we are building?
How can we create a world that is environmentally safe?
I don't want my descendants fighting wars over
clean air to breathe!
or clean water to drink!
or food it is safe to eat!
If I understand correctly
The Native Americans say:
We don't own the land
we are borrowing it from our children
We are spozed to leave it to them in a usable form
I think.
We simply hafta learn to think bigger
and consider how our choices affect others.
Maybe if we could all agree to live by the Golden Rule
we could make our world a better place.
What will we feed our children's bodies with?
Will it be healthy for their bodies?
What will we feed our children's minds with?
Will they act with care and compassion?
What will we feed our children's spirits and souls with?
Will they see the beauty and the wonder and the oneness of it all?
Edgar Cayce said:
Bring in to experience JOY
the natural sources of those influences
that arise in peace
and understanding...

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