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Thursday, August 4, 2016

My February 13, 2016 haikus

My February 13, 2016 haikus

~Today I bring the
spirit of Planetary
Stewardship to MA

~What is the Force Source
that gives me strength?
I breathe in peace

~Big Mama's loving
Lordy's loving How do I
take them in to me?

~She and Lordy lift
my spirits My roots grow down
My Spirit soars up

~My newness wanders
forth from ancient parts of me
I seek to flow source

~How is the breath of
Spirit flowing through me Am
I breathing out peace?

~Spirit is as close
as the very breath that is
breathing in me now

~Ev'ry step I take
as I go about my day
is with the Divine

~Ev'ry task I do
is a cocreation with
Spirit in me here

~Am I abiding
in Wild Delight with ev'ry
move I make this day?

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