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Saturday, August 6, 2016

My March 13, 2016 haikus

My March 13, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Fullness to
whatever may come

~I trust in the plans
the Divine may have for me
in this day's doings

~I look for signs that
I am on the right path and
I let my heart sing

~The Divine is with
me wherever I go I
feel safe and secure

~Even in the dark
Divine Love enfolds me and
Light shines on my path

~Thr Artist guides me
What shall I paint on today's
unfinished canvas?

~How can I expand
into new growth as I lean
toward sun's light?

~What songs will I sing?
What pictures will I paint with
what I've been given?

~The blessings of this
day and Creativity
angels surround me

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