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Monday, August 8, 2016

My May 1, 2016 Beltane haikus

My May 1, 2016 Beltane haikus

~this May Day let me
celebrate fertility
and manifest Love

~In my journey I
draw down the Light ways to guide
and strengthen us all

~Nature displays her
big beauty to bring about
new life conception

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Wholeness to
my overlighting

~Let the Presence of
the Holy Spirit fill me
this day and always

~In ev'rything Let
me do to others what I
would have them doing

~Let me be on a
path that is gracious Kind and
loving toward all

~Let me see myself
in the likeness of a God the
good ~my Creator

~Divinity is
woven into the fabric
of my being here

~I am a child of
God full of peace Love and joy
here now on this day

~Let my Spirit be
inspired so I can be
divinely good now

~Let me reconnect
with the loving qualities
of the Divine here

~Let me remember
the truth I am creation
of my Creator

~Every moment
Is a chance to more fully
express the Divine

~Help me to be a
better person one with One
who created me

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