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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My May 11, 2016 haikus

My May 11, 2016 haikus

~My heart tells me to
build my castles high with love
and with clarity

~My soul tells me to
bring the Plan to earth My mind
to bring perfection

~The sun within me
responds in kind when I am
in the sun's season

~Many are the ways
to share the mystery that
is me with others

~Forgiveness can bring
transformation and lets
me know salvation

~The rising sun peeks
over the horizon and
transforms the sky from

~gradients of blue
cobalt to russet orange
and I'm reminded

~Each dawn brings to me
possibilities that are
infinite in hope

~My heart is warmed by
the rising sun and the joys
this new day can bring

~In stillness I breathe
In contemplation I feel
this moment's beauty

~I give thanks for the
opportunities this day
has to share with me

~Like the sun rising
there is dawning awareness
in my mind and heart

~The light of Spirit
shines within me seeking to
radiate love's joy

~I am renewed and
restored in radiating
joy and compassion
~~~Top of Form

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