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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My May 12, 2016 haikus

My May 12, 2016 haikus

~I bring the spirit
of my Divine Nature to
my day's listening

~An ocean wave glides
over the sea and crashes
upon the shore and

~My body dances
over the meadows and leaps
with joy in the air

~The wave is one with
the ocean I am one with
ALL Source flows within

~When I ask the right
questions Teachers are in all
places that I go

~Blackbird friends sing their
songs with hope before the sun
rises with the dawn

~Powers That Be give
hope to all who wait for a
new and better day

~Help me listen with
an open heart to the world
that is around me

~I listen and tune
in to hear birds singing their
song to welcome Day

~I listen to hear
noises of everyday
life surrounding me

~I am connected
with my world when I listen
intently with heart

~The noises I hear
show me the ways we are all
interwoven here

~In community
we share our thoughts opinions
our fears and desires

~I listen and give
Thanks for the world around me
I listen with heart

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