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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My May 26, 2016 haikus

My May 26, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Clarity
to my cleaning house

~Psalms says may kindness
love and generosity
be upon us all

~Hod of Hod in the
Kabbalah Tree says Rest and
give thanks for blessings

~What can I ask for?
Who can inspire me to
grow more into Light?

~I pray for those who
have difficulty praying
Let me show them how

~Prayer is a way
of getting God's will done on
earth Open our hearts

~In the cathedrals
of our hearts Lady Wisdom
helps us find our way

~Milestones bring insights
into our life's glorious
and grand adventures

~Our ability
to persevere is cause for
our celebrations

~Reflecting I see
areas in which I've grown
How can I serve now?

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