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Monday, August 8, 2016

My May 5, Cinco de Mayo, 2016 haikus

My May 5, Cinco de Mayo, 2016 haikus

~I bring the spirit
of my Divine Nature to
my day I'm living

~Here on earth I have
had many homes My Spirit
lives in the Divine

~Like a turtle I
carry my Spirit House with
me everywhere
~I dance and drum and
flute to flow the Divine through
my body's being

~Bulbs planted in the
Fall bring Spring blossoms and I
bloom in Life's garden

~The desires goals and
ideas I hold in my mind
are like these spring bulbs

~I hold them close and
nurture them with positive
thoughts I grow Divine

~I believe in the
Indwelling Presence that gifts
me power to dream

~I take steps that are
Divinely inspired to
create shapes and forms

~I fulfill my heart's
desires in tune with the
songs of Creator

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