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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My May 7, 2016 haikus

I am going to the Hot-air Ballon Festival with my husband's praise band AND my Daily Word devotional was on hot-air balloon rides!

My May 7, 2016 haikus

~How am I bringing
Authenticity to my
ripening this day?

~Hot-air balloon rides
can lift me to a higher
seeing perspective

~I can raise my mind
and heart to elevated
places of being

~I gain new visions
of my life I am carried
aloft into Light

~With the Indwelling
Presence I begin to shift
in my awareness

~I am energized
with the Light if the Divine
My heart's expanding

~New energy and
vibration dissolves any
old unwanted things
~I look at life with
new eyes Focus my will and
lift my perspective

~My tomorrow's fruits
are contained in the seeds that
I plant on this day

~The fruits of now hold
the seeds of my tomorrows
What am I growing?

~My seeds of bygone
seasons have brought this day's joys
to me I'm growing

~With gifts of Mother
Earth and Father Sun I am
ripening to be...

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