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Monday, August 8, 2016

Painting I saw in Healdsburg

Painting I saw in Healdsburg

The black bird reminded me of Maya and I always getting together during our dreamtimes in our black bird forms of crows/ravens and I'd been missing her.
The symbols of the doorknob on the bird's beak represents how finding your voice and singing your heart's songs opens so many doors to
and Beauty.
The egg represents the birth of new ways of being
I didn't see the bell dangling down from the egg at first
but when I did
it reminded me of the way I hear 10,000 bells ringing in my soul
when I approach the Divine
or am gifted the Divine in
someone's words or paintings
or the laughter of children
or the sparkle in babies' eyes
And to have the key dangling from the moon shaped cloud
reminded me of all the moons I've traveled with Shiloh
Mama Caron
Susan Rossi
and all of my red thread sisters.
Even without a Madonna
this painting showed me symbols
that represent what being with y'all (Red Madonna Red Thread sisters)

means to me...

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