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Monday, August 8, 2016

My April 28, 2016 haikus

My April 28, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Perfection
to my flowering

~What blessings shower
down on me as I seek
in difficulties?

~Being in my own
home I feel secure I am
serene in comfort

~Anywhere I go
I feel protected within
by Loving Presence

~With the Divine as
my ever present guide I
am shielded in love

~With clarity of
thought I accept what I need
to do to stay safe

~In Divine Loving
Presence I lift up my head
to see steps to take

~I remain calm when
I face possible danger
in situations

~I'm surrounded by
Angels of Wisdom as I
tap Primal Source

~I fill fully with
Waters of Earth and Spirit
I receive and give back

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